Monday, May 9, 2011

Poo-Poo to Prose and Lip-smackin' good!

Turns out a Mom With Too Much Wine On Her Hands has turned into a Mom with absolutely no spare time on her hands.  Who knew two kids was actually twice as much work?  My posts have been non-existent because I'm honestly too damn tired.   So, I'm taking a page out of Super Claire's blog and keeping my posts short and sweet.  Honestly, the pictures and videos really speak for themselves anyway; right?

Here is Adelaide enjoying some lip-smackin' good peas!  The lip smacking is new today.  It was adorable.  The fact that she started doing it at the same time she first tried peas has me thinking that it's her way of saying "gross".  I mean really?  Peas?  Especially smashed up baby peas.  They can't be good.

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